Delivery and Pickup Services: Delivery and Pick Up Services

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Delivery and Pick Up Services

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Delivery and Pick-Up Services
Additional charges apply for deliveries and pickups.

* Standard delivery rates will apply and are contingent upon prompt and efficient reception
   at the time of delivery and pickup.

* Additional charges may apply for all deliveries and pickups made at any floor/level other
   than ground floor level.

* Additional charges may apply for equipment which is not prepared and ready for pick-up.

* There is a minimum to qualify for deliver which varies based upon season.  Call the office to see if you qualify for delivery.

* Some restrictions do apply and are subject to change at the discretion of management!!!

* Our party consultants will be most happy to assist and advise on any party problems. We
   specialize in Custom Party Rentals.


* All Flatware, Dinnerware and Glassware items are to be required to be rinsed prior to return.

* Linen items are required to be free of debris and shaken out prior to return.

* Please be sure all linen is dry prior to placing in plastic bags to prevent mold and staining.

* Chafing equipment is required to be free of all debris and rinsed prior to return.

* A "Grill Cleaning Charge" is applied to each grill contract on every rental contract.

* An extra charge will apply for equipment returned UNCLEANED.

Security Deposits and Damage Waivers

* A security deposit is required on all rental equipment, which is refundable once the
  equipment is returned.

* The security amount is not applied towards the rental amount and is held as a separate

* Included in every rental contract is a non-refundable "Damage Waiver" (rental insurance).
   The "Damage Waiver" acts as a safeguard in the event any rental equipment is broken  
   and/or damaged while its in your possession. Should you choose to decline the "Damage
   Waiver", you must initial the contract therefore insuring us that you intend to be solely
   responsible for any and all breakages and/or damages.

* All shortages and damages are to be deducted from the security deposit amount.

Certificate of Warranty

* Miller's Rentals, Inc. certifies that all of it's equipment is in excellent condition, perfectly
   maintained and that it's

* Flatware, Dinnerware and Glassware are always sanitized prior to each rental. We have
  taken all necessary measures to insure your satisfaction.


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