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Dear Stu,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the AMAZING tent, tables, linens and lighting package you designed for our wedding.  Everything was perfect!!!  Your guys were amazing, helpful and professional.  It took so much...

Thank you for keeping us together for yesterday. It was a large event amongst an even larger week of to-do list items and your team set it seamlessly. Thank you!

Rachael Fonseca
Director, Marketing Operations
Robert Wood Johnson Health...

From a client that came to our store on Sunday and realized we were closed:

Yes, everything worked out nicely. We really can't thank you enough for donating the stage and cotton candy machine for the event. Also for having someone come out...

I know it wasn’t the easiest event to pull together, but with the Sun Gods watching over us, we were able to ensure a wonderful groundbreaking

OMG it went so well I can't thank you enough! The guys you sent over were awesome, very professional and right on time!


Just wanted to say, once again your guys hit it out of the ball park. Always a great group of guys and so helpful.


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