We are always happy to help provide equipment for your surprise party.  In order for us to work with you to keep this event a surprise, you will need to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Please provide telephone, fax, cell, or beeper numbers and/or email addresses where we can reach you at any time prior, during and after the function.
  • If you are not available please provide a secondary contact person and numbers
  • All payment arrangements need to be agreed to in advance of delivery
  • We deliver our equipment in large trucks that cannot always be hidden from view. Please keep this in mind while planning your surprise
  • In the event of harsh weather, sometimes alternative arrangements will have to be made. A tent cannot be put up in thunderstorms when lightening is present.  Standard procedure is to install tenting 2 or 3 days in advance of event to allow backup days for weather related situations
  • Please allow enough time for us to complete our work
  • It may be necessary for us to charge a premium if earlier setups or removals are required
  • Please reserve your equipment well in advance of the event

We will do our best to keep your event a surprise

 Please fill out the attached form below and return to us


MAIN CONTACT:            


 NAME: :_____________________________
 PHONE#1 :_____________________________
 PHONE#2 :_____________________________
 FAX# :_____________________________
 BEEPER :_____________________________
 EMAIL :_____________________________
 LOCATION OF EVENT :_____________________________
 DATE AND TIME OF EVENT :_____________________________
 DIRECTIONS TO EVENT :_____________________________
 SPECIAL NOTES :_____________________________

Please print this form and return to us via fax at 732-985-4415 or email at