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Miller's Rentals has its own linen cleaning/processing facilities complete with a flat work ironer.  We clean our own linen on site and now offer a cleaning service available for customer owned table linens and chair covers. 

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Why choose Miller's Rentals to clean your linen?

1) We can pick up your soiled linen, including table cloths, napkins and skirting and return it to you clean and professionally ironed. 
2) We take the same care with your linen (to ensure proper stain removal and a professional ironing job) as we do with our linen. 
3) Saves you time and money. Free up current staff up from cleaning and hand ironing and eliminate the need to purchase and maintain expensive cleaning equipment – we’ll do it for you!
4) Have a last minute emergency? – call us and we can supply you linen and/or clean and press your linen so that your event goes off without a hitch.

If you have any questions about our cleaning service please contact us for more information.
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