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How big are your 8' Tables?

    Actually this question is asked quite often. Our tables measure 96' by 30'W by 30'H. This is the standard size; however, we also carry narrow 8ft tables, which are 24"  and 18" wide. The tables do not fold in half. We do carry 4ft tables that if you put them together they will form an 8ft table.

Will they fit in my car?
    Keep in mind these tables do not fold in half, only the legs fold, so if you have a small car and need an 8ft table., consider two 4ft tables and put them together as mentioned above, or if your order meets our minimum requirements , it can be delivered for additional charges.

What are the terms of the rental contract?
   Click here for the terms

Can our company apply for a charge account?
     Absolutely, click here for the application.

Do you take credit cards?
     All major credit cards are accepted.

What is your cancellation policy?
    Click here for our cancellation policy.

Will you load our car?
       We will help you load your car, however, due to insurance regulations; we WILL NOT tie anything to your roof. Should you decide to do so, you assume responsibility for any problem that may occur.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we do. There is a minimum rental required depending on time of year and delivery area.

What are you Delivery rates?
  Here is a list of our delivery rates

Do you offer delivery during early morning or late evening hours?
   Depending on the order, yes we do. There are additional service charges added for this convenience.

"Do we get our money back if we don?t use the products"
    We charge for the time out, not the time used.

How much of the rental fee is returned to us when we bring the product back?
    None of the rental fee is returned, that is the fee you pay for the use of our equipment.

What if we have an emergency.
     Well, emergencies? do happen, and most of us here at Miller's Rentals can be reached either by e-mail, or cell phone if it is after store hours. We aim to please!

What if we are tax exempt?
     No problem, you just need to provide us with a copy of your ST-4 or resale certificate.

Can someone come to our location for a site visit?
     We do offer this service

What happens if we break something?  
     We do offer an optional damage waiver which covers minimal damages and breakages. Otherwise you are responible for replacement cost.  Here is a link to our Damage Waiver terms

Do you have a Newsletter?
Yes we do here is the latest issue


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