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I was looking at my calendar for the upcoming weekend (the upcoming weekend being Memorial Day) and I saw the notation on Sunday for Charlie's Gradution Party from 2pm -6pm.  Although I love Charlie and would like nothing more than to celebrate his graduation from college with him, the fact that this party broke up my holiday weekend bothered me.  Tell me your thoughts about being invited to events that take place during a holiday weekend.  Whether it be a 4th of July party or that proverbial Sunday wedding during Labor Day weekend.  I would love to hear from you.{jcomments on}

With the reality of longer days approaching (clocks get turned ahead this weekend) and the hopes of warmer weather looming in the distance I feel a little spring fever coming our way.  We have all weathered the winter and "weathered" being a term I apply to all things challenging.  Tell us why you are looking forward to spring and why you are anxious to put winter behind you. {jcomments on}

Now that the inaugural dust is beginning to settle, it has been rumored that by the time all is said and done, President Obama's Inauguration will have cost in excess of $160 million.  That equates to about $.53 per US citizen.  In these times of economic hardship, how do you feel about that much being spent on this event?{jcomments on}


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