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When it comes to planning outdoor events, tents are essential. Tents are added insurance for any outdoor event, particularly during the warmer months in which precipitation can be unpredictable. At Miller’s Rentals, tent structures are stocked, installed, and maintained for client events. We offer tents in a variety of forms: traditional pole tents, tension tents, frame tents, high peak tents, marquee tents, and clearspan structures.

Traditional pole tents are the most popular style of tent, as they can be used for all sorts of events such as parties or festivals. They tend to allow for more coverage for less money compared to any other type of tent. Traditional pole tents are therefore ideal for covering very large areas of space efficiently. These tents must be installed on a grass surface.

Tension tents are designed for visual appeal, with minimal interior poles that create a cathedral-style ceiling and allow for smooth traffic flow. These tents also provide maximum protection against the elements and are strong enough to withstand heavy wind loads.

Frame tents are used in locations in which staking is not possible or where a center pole is objectionable or inconvenient. While frame tents must still be anchored, this is achieved instead with weights. Maximum use of space is possible with frame tents because center poles are absent. Frame tents are often selected precisely for the absence of the center pole, and are ideal for use in tight spaces or against another structure.

High peak tents, while more expensive, are much more elegant than other types of tents. The aerodynamic design of these tents also makes them able to withstand extreme winds. Formal events such as weddings will often feature high peak tents.

Marquee tents from Miller’s Rentals are framed tents that are used for entrances, for small confined spaces or walkways, or for connecting other tents. The tops and sides of these tents come in assorted colors as well as clear and white. Depending on the venue or location, marquee tents can be staked or weighted.

If you’re looking for a rental supplier to help you throw the event of the season, consider Miller’s Rentals. As a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1934, Miller’s Rentals can provide you with all of the products and services you require for your event planning needs. Whether you need tents, staging, red carpet, chairs, or tables, our company would be happy to assist you in creating your next big event.


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